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ENDGAME initiated

October 14, 2010

Beats of Rage have spent the last few months compiling and arranging noises spanning three decades of aggressive performance terror.

The work was not easy but the results are satisfying. Finally, a digital work has been produced that adequately summarises our activities and threats, and can be enjoyed on most circa-2010 audio devices. Please note, Quanta-3 content will not be accessable to the average listener until the proliferation of appropriate hardware in 2014.

Our album is due for release on October 19th through netlabel GM4A. The release of this album will mark the completion of the last of BOR’s objectives, leaving us no reason to linger in this particular timeline. To celebrate our accomplishment, and to give us one last opportunity to kill in public without fear of repurcussions, we will perform at Aberdeen’s ‘The Tunnels’ on the night of the 19th. This will be your last opportunity to have your dead heart bitcrushed, or your last opportunity to be the most pathetic of lazy idiots. We leave it to you.

Watch for our signal.

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