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February 17, 2010
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Beats of Rage played at Bannerman’s Bar in Edinburgh on 13th February 2010. It was a good show. Dead on the Live Wire, Bomb Berlin and Metaltech also smashed up a lot of kids. There was so much bass.

See more of the above at Thanks to Stuart Stott for taking & sharing the photos.

There is also video footage, thanks to the brave efforts of Laurence Tayler. Look at this:

The opening minute is spent instilling confusion and unease in the audience. After that, it’s all noise. Good noise.


Footage Recovered

December 8, 2009

From the recent Cellar 35 show, torn from a broken camera & scarred by bass explosions: it’s Cyberave Fuckman 20XX.

The Kiosque promotes Digital Hardcore night this Friday…

December 2, 2009


November 23, 2009

Psydoll’s Ucchi has posted a blog about their recent Aberdeen gig which features some good photos of BOR (see below for sample).

For those who can’t read Japanese, a very crude English translation:

“The first band is Beats Of RAGE. Beat noise something amazing. Almost like, her name panel “Newyork No.” Do you play like this now, is that the sound of that.
The main instrument of that name machine Commodore64 machine tool equipped with a keyboard, Game Boy × 2. Is something noteworthy.
Low Fi is not short, is formed in the backing tracks and drum sampling beep. Kuri Hama mindedly playing the guitar and noise, Vo is a penetrating high-pitched voice to SHOUT.
A noisy cool feeling.”

Thanks, Ucchi!


October 18, 2009


Something else to monitor

October 2, 2009

There is now a Beats of Rage Myspace page.

This site is still the main BOR information hub. Project Myspace is merely the latest stage in our information dissemination campaign.

Hey, be our friend!


September 29, 2009
So many wires

So many wires